I like pugs, but the British are bringing attention to their long history in the UK, as well as some of the breed's less impressive attributes.
There are a good many reasons not to love them. Because pugs are also one of the most inbred of all dog breeds — all 10,000-plus of Britain’s pugs are descended from just 50 animals. And it shows.

They suffer from dislocated knees, chronic stomach problems, collapsed larynxes, ­curvature of the spine, obesity, infected skin folds, elongated soft palates and terrible ­respiratory problems — hence the wheezing and rasping — bought about because of their genetically flattened faces.
But..remember these were the pets that people have loved for thousands of years in China and in Britain, for example Queen Victoria had 36 pugs.I guess she liked them more than even we do!

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