Shelties are popular  companions among veterinary clients. We advise that the sheltie is well mannered and ranked 6th among breeds for understanding voice commands and intelligence.

The breed originated as a herding dog and is a descendant of the Collie. The Sheltie is a descendant of small specimens of the Scottish Collie and the King Charles Spaniel. It was developed to tend the diminutive sheep of the Shetland Islands. Today it is raised as a farm dog and family pet. The medical issues seen with shelties often involve eye abnormalities, dermatological conditions and MDR1 GENE mutations which renders this breed at times sensitive to a variety of medications.

The shelties we see are human dependent, live a long time and are easy patients for veterinarians. Sam is a typical example, and at an advanced age is great company and always welcoming to guests and pet lovers.