Hi, just wanted to thank you so much for visiting my poor old German Shepherd cross in Swampscott last Thursday morning. Dixie and I spent a long last night together after she suddenly could no longer walk, and I had no way to transport her to her vet in the morning. I called them and they ... Read more

What an amazing service. Thank you so much!

Amazing. They arrived during the scheduled window of time and even called to tell me when they were expected to arrive.They were quick, courteous and efficient.They explained everything that they were doing while they did it.The price was on par with a normal vet visit if not less so.What was fantastic is there was no waiting around their waiting room, they arrived and examined our cat.
– Paul

Wonderful Traveling Veterinarian Service

Jan and Brian are a wonderful traveling veterinarian service that has been a tremendous help to me and my husband.
There is no long waiting around times, and they are great on returning calls with questions. Along with that they are Great Vets.
I have gotten great results. Highly recommend them.
– Sue Fowle

The Witkovs are a wonderful team

I have to say that I am a new client with Animal House Calls and I love them! The Witkovs are a wonderful team who saw my 13 yo Sheltie Sam in March. Sam has always been a bit shy but when they walked into my house Sam came right over and introduced himself with his tail up and a big (albeit, not ... Read more
– Denise

WONDERFUL CARE from Animal House Calls

Teddy has been a patient of Dr. Witkov and Jan since he came into my home (and heart) from the Northeast Animal Shelter's seniors for seniors program — he gets WONDERFUL CARE from Animal House Calls as did his predecessors — Tanner (who lived until age 13) — Bitsy (who lived until age 17) and Gizmo ... Read more

Mr. Smith

Bailey is not a chewer or stealer of owner's belongings. I only mention this Golden Retriever characteristic because our own 2 Golden Retrievers tend to grab any object, not held by chains. Bailey's family has been clients of Animal House Calls for 19 years.
Mr. Smith, Bailey's owner likes Animal ... Read more

Mrs. Dolly Tar

On a visit, Buddy's loving owner, Mrs. Dolly Tarr summarized her reasons for using Animal House Calls' Mobile Veterinary Services:
  1. dependability

  2. my dog is not sitting with sick dogs waiting

  3. they are always there and on time

  4. doctors are the best

  5. they are like family


Susan's “Rickie”

Rickie is a fairly new member of Susan's home. This owner is one of several of our clients who kindly adopted rescued pets after hurricane Katrina. Susan has been one of our clients for over 25 years. Rickie is a fortunate dog to have been adopted by so dedicated a pet owner. This pet has a ... Read more

Craig S.

I have been using Animal House calls for almost 9 years with 3 separate cats and I thought high time I write a review as my experience has been nothing but stellar.

First and foremost, the ease and convenience of having a vet who does house calls is great for any pets but especially house cats. The ... Read more

Karen A.

Dr. Witkov and Jan have been taking care of my dogs for 20 years. They are top notch. They are knowledgeable and extremely compassionate with the dogs. They keep the dogs relaxed and explain everything they are doing. They make sure you understand what your pet needs for follow up care. They ... Read more

Allie M.

Compassionate and knowledgable veterinarians with fantastic bed side etiquette! My Newie cat is a big chicken and usually puts up a bit fight to get the knots out of his hair, so I normally have to call in a veterinarian to sedate him to get the knots out. The doctors were very kind and ... Read more

Karen R.

Dr, Witkov and Jeanette came highly recommended to us. They offer responsive and compassionate care and I am very grateful to them for their service and the important work that they do. Our dog, a sweet girl of 14 years old, was quite ill and they came to our home, assessed her condition, and in a ... Read more

Patrick R.

For those seeking a dependable vet for their animals, look no further than AHC. My wife and i have bern clients for more than three years and cannot rave enough about Dr. Witkov and his staff. They're very compassionate and accommodating. Not only do they care for our pet in our own home, which is ... Read more

Sarah C.

We have used Animal House Calls for three years now for our chihauhua mix Dolly. Dr. Whitkov is a great vet is always very responsive regarding any concerns that we may have about our dog's health. They are always on time and caring for our dog. I would recommend Animal House Calls to anyone.